How often do your guests stay with you?

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If you have guests only once or twice a year, you will be provided with a folding bed or a folding mattress. The advantage lies in the great flexibility: A folding bed is set up in no time, fits in every room and can be stored in a storage room or niche for the rest of the year to save space. Especially for spontaneous overnight guests, it is always worthwhile to have such a practical bed ready. Even less space requires a folding mattress – whether on the cupboard or under your own bed, for them, there is always a place. That is why she can be an optimal solution, especially for small apartments, despite her simple lying comfort.

Do guests come more often or do they stay several nights in a row? In these cases, a sofa bed is an ideal choice. The reason is that with the special upholstery of sofa beds is not the seat, but the quality of lying in the foreground. Many models also have an adjustable slatted frame. Often you can even decide whether you want a futon, a pocket spring or a latex mattress. With so much comfort and flexibility, your guests will sleep like on clouds! Read more about this in our article “Sofa beds – as a guest bed or for every night”. Looking for mattress and box spring sales near me, do not miss to visit our site.

How much space is available?

The decision as to whether a fixed guest room should be set up depends, of course, primarily on the space available. If you often accommodate overnight guests and there is enough space, a guest room with comfortable guest beds is certainly the ideal solution. But what if the parents-in-law visit only twice a year? In such cases, it is advisable to set up the room in a flexible way so that it does not remain unused for most of the year. This does not mean less comfort – many modern guest beds have an amazing versatility and are still comfortable.

The convertible guestroom

Those who do not expect nightly guests often use their guest room as an office or hobby room. However, this requires a resourceful device that adapts to the requirements of both usage variants. Are you also looking for flexibility? Then you will be amazed at the possibilities offered by modern furniture design.